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Many Trails Lead To Stuibenkopf

A tour to Stuibenkopf lodge is the perfect chance for beginners to test the waters of ski touring.

Everyone has something they cannot live without. For Alexander Beier it's the mountains – and all the people that he shares big and small adventures with on their way to the summit. Beier has been working as a mountain guide for many years and has countless tours under his belt. The first tour he went on – as a boy of thirteen – was to the Stuibenkopf. Today he is guiding us through the terrain he knows like the back of his hand.

A short ride with the Alpspitzbahn cable car brings us to the starting point of our tour. After a quick nine-minute ride we arrive at Osterfeldkopf mountain station, 2000 m above sea. Up here we have a fantastic view of snowy Garmisch-Partenkirchen below and a mountain winter wonderland all around.

We quickly double-check our equipment and get ready to enjoy our first run. While beginners may want to stick to the slope next to the T-bar lift leading all the way to the valley station of the Bernadein ski lift, we choose the more challenging backcountry route.

At about 1,500 m altitude we cross the Bernadein trail. Set a little higher than the Bernadein trail is a track that leads us away from marked pistes and through wooded terrain all the way to the bottom of Stuibenwand. Now is the time to put the skins on our skis and make sure our avalanche equipment is working.

First the trail is quite moderate. It takes little more than a slight push to smoothly glide through the gentle terrain.

After roughly twenty minutes the trail picks up and gradually becomes steeper. Luckily, we only have to cover about 100 m altitude before we arrive at the mountain ridge above Stuibenwand.

We soon step out of the ridge's shadow and sure enough, the view of the Stuiben lodge gloriously unfolds before us.

The lodge is situated at the foot of the Stuiben slope and is an excellent destination for a simple ski tour. The self-catering lodge is open in winter and offers drinks. For a small fee, guests can heat their meals. If you've made a reservation, you are also welcome to spend the night. 
The view up to Mauerschartenkopf is impressive. If you still haven't had enough touring for the day, feel free to add an extra hour and make your way up there; there's another trail that goes even further to the summit of the majestic Alpspitze!

We, on the other hand, are ready for our run back to the ski resort. Down we go to Bernadein ski lift, from where we could return to our starting point at Osterfeldkopf. We decide to go down the so-called Kandahar run all the way into the valley. If the snow is good, you may find the perfect poweder snow slope waiting for you! The long ride down is pure bliss and leaves us in full agreement with our guide Alex Beier: When it comes to ski tours, shared joy is double joy!

Fact box

Starting point: Alpspitzbahn valley station

Finishing point: Alpspitzbahn valley station

Duration (ascent): 30-45 min

Duration (descent): 40 min back to the valley

Equipment: Touring skis and skins, avalanche equipment including transceiver, transponder, shovel

Altitude covered: 360 m

Suited for: Beginners, more challenging routes available

Difficulty level: easy

What makes the tour appealing?

The tour to Stuibenkopf begins at Osterfeldkopf mountain station, at 2000 m altitude. Recommended even in otherwise poor snow conditions.

Special topographical features

Towering peaks surrounding the rolling hills at the foot of Alpspitze guarantee a high alpine vibe – attractive for both inexperienced and weathered ski touring enthusiasts.


Particularly beginners can safely test and stretch their limits on the Stuibentour. Those who feel unsure about more challenging first part of the tour can easily go down the marked slope.


This visually highly appealing tour offers great panoramic views of surrounding peaks. Both Stuiben lodge and Mauerschartenkopf boast a breathtaking vista of the Oberrheintal and its mountain panorama.

Tips & Tricks

Ask for a "Stuibenticket" at the lift station. With it, fares for the Alpspitzbahn and Bernadeinbahn are available at reduced prices.

Best of the Alps rating

Fun: 8 out of 10
Adventure: 6 out of 10


Text: Elisa Heißenberger //
Photos: Florian Lechner //

March 28, 2017

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