Emotionally charged: speed and technology combined


Maximum performance under extreme conditions – Audi quattro technology and winter sport fit together perfectly. Power, endurance, driving enjoyment and technology are the key to success, both on the ski slopes and at Audi. Together with its winter sports partners, Audi is looking very attentively to the future, promoting junior staff and shaping the alpine ski circuit with the support of numerous national ski associations, regular event highlights and local initiatives. After top sporting performances and the production of over eight million 2018 models, the success story of the Audi quattro drive has also been enriched by a new chapter: the Audi e-tron. The first Audi electric car suitable for daily use. Also on board: Audi quattro technology of course. Sustainable driving enjoyment and reliable safety on the roads and ski slopes therefore also guaranteed in future with Audi quattro.