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The Best Of The Alps Winter Roadtrip Powered By Audi Quattro

A week like no other.

Nine people from five countries embark on a seven-day road trip through the Alps, exploring four of twelve outstanding Best of the Alps destinations: Kitzbühel, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Seefeld and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Who are these people, you ask? It’s a very diverse group: Paulo del Valle and Raira Venturieri, Tom Klocker, Marion and Raffael Payr, Davide Pretto and Paolo Balsamo and Joanna Lemanska and Vu Theara Kham. They have come together to experience the Alps in their impressive variety, to see the stunning beauty of nature, to challenge their boundaries in sports activities, to enjoy culinary delights and meet inspiring people.

myAudi Sphere
After flying into Munich Airport from all corners of the world, everyone meets in the myAudi sphere. And immediately it is clear: This is going to be a great group. So off we go, and we do so with five Audi cars:  one SQ5 TFSI, one SQ7 TDI, two A8 L und one A5 Sportback, all with quattro technology. The lovely guys from Audi Vehicle Accessories have even equipped us with roof boxes that come really handy considering the loads of luggage we carry. The perfect cars for our first two-hour drive from the city to the Alps, the “Home of quattro”. 


First stop: Kitzbühel, the famous home of the Hahnekamm ski races and the infamous Streif course. But this place has much more to offer. An amazingly picturesque town centre, for example, and a fascinating history. And then there are all the people who represent the innovative spirit of this special place and who follow their dreams with passion and commitment.

How to spend 1.5 days in Kitzbühel:

A guided tour of the town with Josef Treichl aka Pepi​:
Hardly anyone knows more about Kitzbühel and its history than tour guide Pepi Treichl, and hardly anyone can talk about it with more passion. Kitz Events

Dinner at the Auwirt​:
Honouring the past while welcoming the new, that is what the Winkler brothers want to do. For this purpose, they have created a culinary paradise.
Auwirt Gebrüder Winkler

Check out this portrait of the Winkler brothers, made when they were still at their old place, the Neuwirt restaurant. The Winkler brothers' three priniciples of cooking.

Watch the sun rise at Lake Schwarzsee​:
A magic spot with great atmosphere. For the most beautiful of moments: Schwarzsee Lake

Go skiing on the hills around the infamous Streif race course​:
When you go skiing with Element3 guides you are safe – and always where the best conditions are.

Snowshoe hiking​:
A physically challenging yet very calming experience that teaches you that sport doesn’t always have to include that adrenaline rush. And there’s no better starting point than the mountain station of the Hahnenkamm cable car.
Kitzbühel, Tirol

Lunch at Melkalm​:
If you are looking for traditional fare, look no further than this place in the Kitzbühel Alps. The meals – think dumplings or hash browns – will leave you satisfied. And happy. Gasthof Melkalm

A visit with Kaspar Frauenschuh​:
Kaspar Frauenschuh never really cared about what others had to say. And maybe that’s exactly why the fashion label he started in his family’s tailor shop has become world-famous. Read more about Kaspar Frauenschuh | The scent of leather and loden

Dinner at Backhäusl:
This place will make you believe you ended up in a fairy tale. And that’s not only due to the magical food you get here. Read more about Backhäusl | Happiness is a fresh loaf of bread

The Place to Stay:
Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort - located only a stone’s throw from the town centre and the infamous Streif race course.

Cortina d’Ampezzo

And off we go to Cortina d’Ampezzo. The three-hour drive on the most stunning routes through the mountains is an experience in itself. Crossing Passo Cimabanche from Toblach to Cortina perfectly showcases our cars’ incredible driving dynamics and the extra safety provided by the quattro technology. As our final destination for the day draws nearer, we also understand how Cortina earned its second name, “Queen of the Dolomites”. Nestled at the foothills of the unrivalled peaks of the Dolomites, this place truly is one-of-a-kind. Explore the mountains by day and stroll over Corso Italia by night. Alpine lifestyle and the Italian way of living – a mix you won’t come across often.

How to spend 2 days in Cortina d’Ampezzo:

Lunch at La Corte del Lampone​:
Wonderful dishes that combine a chef’s skills with poetry and tradition. No more words needed. Go see for yourself. La Corte del Lampone

Audi driving experience:
Treat yourself to the full experience of the fascination of Audi. Test it on the road, test it on snow and test all the technological innovations. Impressive and exhilarating (also in summer!). Audi live

Cortina is not just great for skiers or snowboarders. The slopes around this amazing place also offer other routes to that dose of adrenaline you crave. Yes, you will get there by bike. And yes, in winter. Fatbiking in the Dolomites

Explore Passo di Giau:
One of the Dolomites’ most impressive mountain passes. Throw a sunset into the mix and get ready for some of the most beautiful views of your life.

Dinner at Agriturismo Jägerhaus​:
A place for traditional meals. Many ingredients are from the own farm, and everything is served with the most heartfelt hospitality. Fun fact: The man running this place is skiing legend Kristian Ghedina’s father. Agriturismo Jagerhaus

Watching the sun rise always has a special charm to it, and even more so here, surrounded by these incredible mountains. One of the best spots to do so is next to Discoteca Belvedere.

Snowshoeing and skiing:
Wonderful slopes lead you through the breathtaking rocky scenery, making you feel small and really great at the same time. Join the crew of mountaineering legend Mario Dibona Moro to get the full experience.​

Stroll on Corso Italia:
After skiing, everyone dresses up and goes to see and be seen on Corso Italia. “Lo struscio” the Italians call it.

Eat at San Brite​:
Riccardo Gaspari is a true master of his trade, particularly when it comes to creating intriguing dishes from only a few high-quality ingredients. And it’s no harm that his place is just as great as his food.
Read more about Riccardo Gaspari | Alpine cuisine with a lot of 'amore'

The Place to Stay:
Rosapetra Spa Resort offers hospitality d’Ampezzo and artful architecture, an amazing spa and that breathtaking view of the peaks of the Dolomites.


Our next stop: Seefeld, the mekka of all devotees of Nordic sports. Every year, the world’s best athletes in these disciplines come to Seefeld to train. And in 2019, they will come to compete in the Nordic World Ski Championships. Just like in 1964 and 1976, when Seefeld hosted the Winter Olympics. But this place isn’t just for professionals and amateurs in sports. It is also a great place for all the lovers of great food and all the joys that life has to offer.

How to spend 2 days in Seefeld:

Sunrise photoshoot:
This is for all the early birds who are up for a challenge! Put on your backcountry skis and hike up to Seefelder Joch for sunrise. Trust us: You won’t regret it.

Cross-country skiing in Wildmoos:
There are ski runs for all levels, from beginners to amateurs to the world’s best athletes. Overview of all cross-country ski tracks in The Olympiaregion Seefeld

Snowshoe hiking​:
The big plus of snowshoeing? You don’t have to follow the prepared tracks and slopes. And this will take you to places where no one else will be.
Snowshoeing in Seefeld | A snowshoeing tour from Lottensee to the Wildmoosalm

Unwind at Hotel Lärchenhof​:
Give your mind and body a timeout. Supported by all four elements at the stunning spa of Hotel Lärchenhof.

Visit the Klosterbräu brewery​:
The Klosterbräu hotel as a 500-year-long history – and some really great homemade beers. Served with steaks, Tyrolean tapas, burgers and delicious vegetarian dishes.
Bräukeller & Grill in hotel Klosterbräu

The Place to Stay:
Natur und Spahotel Lärchenhof: Stunning views, great food and – you might have guessed this – an amazing spa.


Only a relaxed 30-minute drive from Seefeld, Garmisch-Partenkirchen awaits us. Despite their geographical proximity, there are great differences between these places, particularly when it comes to cultural customs. A great opportunity to experience the great variety of the Alps! Garmisch-Partenkirchen has mastered the tricky tightrope walk between cherishing its Bavarian traditions and being open to new developments. Visit both of the formerly separate towns of Garmisch and Partenkirchen to find even more subtle differences.

How to spend 1.5 days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen:

Sunrise photoshoot:
This is for the less sporty early birds. Just take your car up Gsteigstraße, choose your spot and enjoy the show.

Visit Trachten- und Modehaus Grasegger to learn about traditional Bavarian clothing​:
Nothing says Bavaria like Dirndl und Lederhosen. Franz Grasegger proves that tradition and innovation can go together well. Read more about Franz Grasegger | No rules attached

Snack at Metzgerei Sedlmayer butchery​:
Ursula Sedlmayr is one of the very few female butchers in the region, and many have doubted her qualification for this job. Her answer? A lot of passion and the best possible quality. Read more about Ursula Sedlmayr | The butcher girl

Ride the new Zugspitzbahn​:
The Bavarian Zugspitze railway has set new standards and three world records, so riding it is a must. Also, it is the easiest way up to Germany’s highest peak. Zugspitze.

Break at Café Wildkaffee​:
Owner Harti Wild has met all suppliers of his coffee beans in person. Maybe that’s why he serves what we consider Germany’s best coffee. Added bonus: The cakes that taste just as good. Read more about Wildkaffee | Powered by coffee and love

Stroll along Ludwigsstraße​:
Beloved for its historic sights and the interesting shops and stores. Everyone with a sweet tooth should absolutely stop by Chocolaterie Amelie.

Visit to the Great Olympic Hill:
Everyone who ever sat up on the Große Olympiaschanze will have even more respect for all the athletes who come to jump it in the Four Hills Tournament. And post a photo taken up on the judges tower with the capture “What a view!”

Dinner at Fischer’s Mohrenplatz​:
Perfectly prepared traditional fares. To be washed down with a traditional Maß of beer. Yes, that’s one whole litre of beer, but this is Bavaria after all. Mohrenplatz Garmisch

Take your backcountry skis or the cable bar, but please go and see this place and walk the breathtaking "Alpspix" skywalk.

The Place to Stay:
quartier Lodges: Great design and modern architecture, all made from natural building materials. 

Nine people from five countries embark on a seven-day road trip through the Alps. That was the starting point of this amazing adventure. How it ended, you ask? Nine friends from five countries took a seven-day road trip through the Alps. And it was a week like no other.

Stay tuned as our journey continues soon to Charmonix-Mont-Blanc, Crans-Montana, DavosGrindelwald, Lech Zürs am Arlberg, Megève, St. Anton am Arlberg und St. Moritz.  

Text: Matthias Köb //
Photos: Ian Ehm | Nina Keinrath | David Keusch //
Video: David Keusch //

March 15, 2019

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