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A Snowshoeing Tour From Lake Lottensee To The Wildmoosalm

The two aperiodic mountain lakes close to Mösern in Tyrol, Lottensee and Wildmoossee, appear only every few years. So whereas in some years, the two lakes close to the Olympiaregion Seefeld are not much bigger than puddles, they might appear as pretty large bathing lakes the following spring and summer. 

Various conditions have to be met in order for the underground chasms to fill with water, raising the ground water level and pushing water into the lake basins above ground. This impressive natural phenomenon is a result of snowmelt runoff and increased precipitation during spring. It is still winter now, which is why all there is left from Lake Lottensee is a thin layer of ice covering the ground. Instead of a lake, we get a view over a beautiful snow-covered woodland scenery, and the yet imaginary Lake Lottensee is the starting point of our snowshoeing tour.

We couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful day for our tour: the sun is shining, the temperature slightly above zero, and it has even been snowing over the past few days. We meet our tour guide Mike and his dog Caro in front of the Lottensee hut. After he has explained to us how to put on our snow shoes and what route we will take, we are finally ready to go. We leave Lake Lottensee and walk North East, crossing the snow-covered Wildmoos golf course. During summer, Mike works on this 600.000 square metre property as a greenkeeper. When he tells us about the last golf season, he does not make an effort to hide his love for the sport. Despite the fact that it hosts a golf course, the area is considered part of the Wildmoos wetland and nature reserve, which allows to preserve this precious, one-of-a-kind environment, as Mike tells us. 

After passing the first hole, we reach a small plateau with a view over the Hocheder (2798 m) in the South and the Rietzer Grießkogel (2884 m) behind it. Directly in front of us, the Hohe Munde at 2882 m shows its most beautiful face when its eastern flank is gently illuminated by pre-dawn light. We decide to take a rest, as we reach two little mountain shelters. Even Caro doesn’t seem to mind a short break. From here, we have a marvellous view over the Wetterstein mountains with their main summit, the Zugspitze, at 2962 m above sea level. 

After our break we continue to walk left into open woodland. Fox and squirrel tracks line our path and I can’t help but wonder which one might have been quicker. Lost in thoughts I don’t notice we have already reached Lake Wildmoossee and our tour is almost over. We are now following a hiking path to our final destination: the Wildmoosalm. The little mountain restaurant is not only famous for its delicious apple strudel, it is also one of the key junctions in Seefeld’s huge network of cross-country ski trails. From here, tracks are leading to Mösern, Reith, Scharnitz, Leutasch, and, of course, back to Seefeld. All in all, the tourism region of Seefeld has more than 270 km of cross-country ski trails to offer. So it comes as no surprise that not only recreational athletes but also the world’s cross-country skiing elite like to come here.

We have finally arrived at the Wildmoosalm, where we enjoy the incredible view over the western part of the Karwendel mountain range, including the Reither Spitze, the Seefelder Spitze and the Härmelekopf. Even though this year’s winter hasn’t brought record precipitation, the snow and ski shoeing conditions are excellent. Of course, spring is already around the corner, so it won’t take long until the mountains will rid themselves of snow and Lake Lottensee will finally appear, tempting us to take a cool dip in its fresh mountain water. 



Start: Lottenseehütte

Finish: Wildmoosalm

Distance: 5 km

Dauer: 1,5 h

Ausrüstung: Snow shoes, poles, outdoor clothes, water and a snack

Höhenmeter: approx. 150m

Who is it suitable for: everyone

Level: easy

What makes this tour unique?

Natural reserve, suitable for the whole family

Characteristics of the terrain

slightly rugged, otherwise easy




natural reserve, Lakes Lottenssee and Wildmoossee, golf course, marvellous view over the Hohe Munde

Fun factor (on a scale of 1–10): 4-5
Adventure factor (on a scale of 1–10): 1-2
Location (map):

Tips from the pro:

The tour is short and easy, so it does not pose a serious challenge to hikers. Depending on physical fitness and local knowledge the tour can be easily extended thanks to a well developed network of hiking paths and cross-country skiing tracks.


Text: Robert Maruna //
Photos: Heiko Mandl //

Nov. 17, 2017

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