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Producing Food In Harmony With Nature

To get a mouth-watering taste of the Olympiaregion Seefeld, we highly recommend a visit to Gut Leutasch.

Hiking through the breathtakingly beautiful Alpine Park Karwendel in the Olympiaregion Seefeld is soothing for all senses: the rich scent of fragrant herbs growing in the summery Alps fills the air, the bubbling white water creeks, the phenomenal panorama views, and the seemingly endless number of majestic spruce trees, mountain pines and other vegetation found in alpine forests offer a plethora of sensory impressions. Up here is the home of several game species that, thanks to the high altitude, offer first-class meat. After an adventurous day in the mountains, a visit at Gut Leutasch is just the right thing.

Stepping into the shop at Gut Leutasch, you are greeted with the delicious smell of finest delicacies made of game that comes from the picturesque Karwendel mountains unfolding in their full beauty just outside the door. Gut Leutasch is well known for its high quality meat and game products. The meat from the latter range comes exclusively from free-range animals that live in the surrounding forests. In fact, almost all game is acquired from the farm's own hunting grounds.

"We process all the goods nature offers us with the utmost diligence and care. That's how we can guarantee the highest quality in our products," head manager Michael Skamrada explains. Next to game meat, they also offer prime cuts of alpine ox and herb fed pork from local producers, whose sustainable production methods conform to the Gut Leutasch's standards. "For example, we work with a farmer from nearby Mötz who feeds his pigs with hay and raises them for a full year instead of the industrial standard of six months." Even though the process requires much more work and money, it pays off when it comes to taste and quality.

Next to succulent sausages, bacon and fresh meat, Gut Leutasch also sells other gourmet products such as fruit brandies, juice, honey, preserves, and paté – all locally produced. 

The farm's humane slaughtering methods are up-to date and carefully overseen by Daniel Ruetz. The trained butcher – a rare breed these days – is a calm young man who is responsible for selecting producers and ensuring high quality standards. 

He is the son of an organic farmer and has always had a keen sense for animals. Slaughtering is part of the life cycle on a farm. "In order to keep stress at a minimum," Ruetz says, "we prefer to do it ourselves." This is a step closer to the roots and to a time when farmers still produced their goods by themselves. Tradition and philosophy connect seamlessly here, where products are made in harmony with nature.

It's hard to choose from the abundance of delicacies. Michael Skamrada reveals his personal favourites and urges us to try the scrumptious air-cured venison bacon, the red wine salami, or the special spice sausages. For true bacon lovers, he recommends the mildly smoked collar bacon from herb-fed pork – delicious! Bon appétit!

July 20, 2022

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